1. Uploading the log file

First you need to use the Browse button to select the log file whose contents you wish to see on map1 (for example the file et_20100701.log). After pressing the upload button, the file will be processed and its contents displayed on Google maps. The file can be loaded from the hard disk where it was transferred to by using the Data Transfer, or for example, directly from the memory of the phone connected to PC.


2. Viewing trip

The journey is reflected on Google Maps. The beginning of the trip is indicated by the blue flag and the end, by the red flag. On the road there are also marked spots with the maximum and minimum altitude, the spots where the top speed was reached, the places you had a break or possible saved notes. When you click the icon you will see detailed information of the chosen spot.

Complete trip statistics show information about the total distance, average and maximum speed and also maximum and minimum altitude will be displayed when you click anywhere on the designated travel route.

Below the map there are also two graphs displayed. The first one represents the height profile of the trip, the second one represents the development of the speed. When you move the mouse over the graph a sign will appear indicating precisely where this height or speed was achieved. When you click on the graph more precise information about the height / speed will be displayed.


Begin and end of trip Begin and end of trip Info Info
Stops Stops Top speed Top speed
Maximum altitude Maximum altitude Minimum altitude Minimum altitude


3. Sharing

You can easily share the shown trip with your friends by sending the Display Link (for instance via email, or by clicking the Share function you can share the information with your friends on Facebook. The processed file can also be downloaded using the link Download KMZ and displayed locally in Google Earth, or sent via email.

Warning: The service is running on a trial basis and the company CEALogs does not guarantee the unlimited validity of links to processed files.